Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sparkles By Julie Bubble Gum

When I started getting into indie polishes, I was firmly stuck on clear based top coat glitter bombs to use for accent nails. Then my friend Sara at My Life in Polish ordered a few polishes from Sparkles by Julie (on Etsy) and I decided I had to have this. It was gifted to me by a lovely friend and I was so excited to wear it, even if removing it scared me a tad. What's a little time spent reading a book while your nails are wrapped in foil, anyway?

Here's 3 coats (you could probably do 2 but I wanted more glitter) of Sparkles by Julie Bubble Gum.

Here it is kind of shaded:

And a picture in full sun:
This does look chunky, but it does not feel as bad as it looks. :) I see a little VNL here but I think it's the extra lighting because I didn't notice it when I was wearing it. I love this polish and can't wait to wear it again!

This weekend coming up is the first of a few very busy ones. Hope everyone has a great one!



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