Friday, July 27, 2012

Zoya Kieko and Elixir Lacquers With a K

Quick post for a quick mani - I painted my nails hastily on my bathroom counter with my 4-year-old running around. I can normally pull off quick jobs like this with a decent outcome - but this one was bad. Uneven application (my fault, not the polish), dust from nail filing and uneven edges, had to remove and repaint a few nails, ended up tainting my topcoat with a smidgeon of glitter that looks like bubbles on the nail ... hot mess. Anyway, it's still a fun mani and will last a few days anyway.

Here's 2 coats Zoya Kieko with an accent nail of Elixir Lacquers With a K (about 1.5 coats - I was trying to add more hexes without getting too much more of the sparkle jelly base on there):

Hope you have a great weekend. :)